Rachel Bryan

Rachel Bryan

Paralegal Manager


Rachel Bryan began her career in New York, wherein she handled civil ligation cases in the Supreme Court of the State of New York, Appellate division, and District Court. During Ms. Bryan’s New York tenure, her areas of focus included foreclosure and real estate litigation, uncontested matrimonial cases, and fair labor laws cases.

Ms. Bryan has assisted in the development of an appellate division in a law firm, which included creating systems and processes for handling litigated real estate and foreclosure cases. Additionally, Ms. Bryan assisted a sole practitioner in developing a fair labor law firm, where she handled administrative and financial aspects, engaged with prospective clients via social media, and maintained and tracked office functions. Ms. Bryan’s experience also includes civil rights and employment litigation under Virginia law.

As XLP’s paralegal, Ms. Bryan is responsible for providing support in areas of civil litigation, corporate governance, intellectual property law, and Ms. Bryan will continue to provide overall support as this firm continues to grow.